Black Hat SEO – Your Ultimate Guide for getting Banned from Google

September 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Sunayna Gupta in SEO

black hat seo - Guide for getting your Site Banned from GoogleThis is a secret advice post for website owners who wish to destroy their website’s image and ranking in major search engines. SEO company would find how easy it is to push away target traffic and get banned by Google in search engine rankings. So if you are self-destructive with the aim of destroying your career as a blogger or want to finish your online business then follow these tips religiously:

– Be aggressive in your SEO techniques or tactics. Check out King Kong SEO Reviews for more excellent online SEO services. Do not worry about getting banned from Google, after all you want overnight success with huge traffic flow in a time span of a few days! Black hat SEO professionals are well known as ‘murderers of your website’.– Have you listened about Doorway pages? They are web pages that are created by a website with an intention of being crawled by the search engine spiders for higher SERP. Now here is the way to manipulate these pages for worst output: Stuff Doorway pages with keywords wherever possible, content does not need to make any sense. Manipulate the pages to redirect the users from one web page to another non-related web page that is popularly known as ‘Spam indexing pages’.

– Now is the playtime with your visitors, practice a little ‘Hide and seek’ with them. Promote hidden text on the web pages. This is a secret technique of internet marketing company los angeles used by bloggers who want to rank higher in SERP in short span of time. They stuff the keywords in web pages by mixing them with the same background color of the page, or hiding the text in pretext of images, or set the image file as background so that they are only visible to Bots or crawlers. Carry this technique on till you are noticed and blacklisted by Google, till then enjoy your short-lived success!

– Another most popular tool of Black hat SEO is ‘Content Scrapping’. Here certain software is used for content manipulation. The work of the best and most stellar SEO companies is to take certain portion of content and re-create similar content with different style, containing links to web pages which the original author was promoting. The amount of digital content is increasing rapidly according to the best Digital Marketing services in Hanover, and these contents are being accessed using a wide range of a heterogeneous set of devices. Managing all these data is becoming difficult and time-consuming, but with the help of cloud computing, it makes our lives easy. For more information about cloud, look for this site https://www.salesforce.com/what-is-cloud-computing/ If you want a custom approach to help get the results you need to increase your company’s visibility and drive more visitors to your website from your SEO efforts, visit AdInfusion for more information.

– Chock a web page till it dies! Phew… the idea here is to showcase the doorway page to the search engine crawlers, but visitors should see only the web page where ads are placed. Here both pages can be accessed with similar URL. The work of the software is to differentiate between crawlers and visitors and send them to the respective pages.

– According to http://www.exposeyourselfusa.com/murals/miami-beach-murals/, another black hat SEO tool is ‘Link Spamming’ which is widely used by websites all over the world, reports Atlanta SEO company. It is the most convenient way to link back to your website from sites that are connected to your niche. It is automated process where various proxies are used to leave a link to the website in the comments. If you are practicing it, your comments would not appear on bloggers’ websites having comment filters for spam comments!

black seo keyword stuffing

– Greatest ever tool of Black Hat SEO that ensures your website to be disliked by the visitors and banned by Google is ‘Keyword Stuffing’. To get instant rank in SERP keyword stuffing is the right method, you just have to overload every web page of your site with end number of keywords whether it makes sense or not! If you practice this, no one can stop your website from getting low rank once identified by search engines.

These were some topmost Black hat SEO techniques which can destroy your website name, traffic and ranking. Use them or ask your SEO expert to apply them if you want to achieve the above situation. For others who want long lived success with positive online branding ‘WHITE HAT SEO’ is the way to stay on top of search engine rankings and get increased web traffic. If you need help with that you can contact https://placementseo.com/seo-reseller-services.

  And remember to get your Search Engine Startup going today so you can see results from Google search.

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  • This is spot on information. A lot of people want quick and easy, but with SEO, that’s the best way to ultimately fail. Time and money is saved in the long run, when white hat techniques are used. They will not only provide lasting results, but also, provide quality content that will keep consumers engaged. If your readers want more information, they should check out WebiMax scams. It is an informational guide about black/white hat SEO ethics.

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