Before we do get into this list of surprising health benefits, this isn’t an excuse to spend all day, every day on the games. I still believe in moderation and limitation.

In moderation, you will find that you can take advantage of the benefits. While we have a computer with poker games in the house, playing poker online is limited to weekends,. This helps to keep the focus on family time during the week but still allow some fun and online gaming for a few hours a week to gain the benefits.

Playing video games with Best Gaming Rig , including violent shooter games, may boost children’s learning, health and social skills, according to a review of research in American Psychologist.

The study comes out as debate continues among psychologists and other health professionals regarding the effects of violent media on youth. An APA task force is conducting a comprehensive review of research on violence in video games and interactive media and will release its findings later this year.

“Important research has already been conducted for decades on the negative effects of gaming, including addiction, depression and aggression, and we are certainly not suggesting that this should be ignored,” says Isabela Granic, PhD, of Radboud University Nijmegen in The Netherlands, lead author of the article. “However, to understand the impact of video games on children’s and adolescents’ development, a more balanced perspective is needed.”

While one widely held view maintains that playing video games is intellectually lazy, such play actually may strengthen a range of cognitive skills such as spatial navigation, reasoning, memory and perception, according to several studies reviewed in the article. This is particularly true for shooter video games, which are often violent, the authors found. A 2013 meta-analysis found that playing shooter video games improved a player’s capacity to think about objects in three dimensions just as well as academic courses designed to enhance these same skills, according to the study.

“This has critical implications for education and career development, as previous research has established the power of spatial skills for achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” Granic says.

Now it is really popular to gamble with video games, This has commonly been interpreted as requiring an ability to “cash out” your virtual items, which most video games do not permit, although many games have (generally unauthorised) secondary markets where players can trade items or accounts for real currency. There are many betting strategies that are not only for the sake of football or other sports but now with the gaming market. there is now a research finding that around 20% of simulated gambling players moved on to online commercial gambling and 5% of young Australians would develop gambling problems before they were 25 years old.

This enhanced thinking was not found when playing other types of video games, such as puzzles or role-playing games. In the meantime, if you are in need of very quick cash to help pay off debt, buy new gaming equipment, or any other personal emergency, you can count on payday loans to tide you over — at least until the next paycheck.

Use Tumblr and Enjoy Life

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tumbler logo

The power of various social media platforms has been accepted by a major chunk of companies and people across the globe. We all are part of some or the other social media websites. The most popular ones as we know are Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. Here we are going to discuss the importance and benefits of creating your presence on Tumblr, a well-known blogging service used by millions of people worldwide. Many people find it so fascinating that they maintain an exclusive community on this website. Here is a list of factors which gives you enough reason to be a part of Tumblr.


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Content Marketing Trends in 2013

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Content Marketing Trends in 2013

Since the arrival of best long distance moving companies in US, the role of content marketing and its strategies have been seen major modifications thanks to http://www.agenciesranked.com/. It is more than half of the year 2012 has passed and we are nearing 2013. Several companies have already started to make money with Empowr on their content marketing strategies for 2013. So what is going with the trend in 2013 and how things are going to different? According to the Charlotte SEO Agency who does budgeting loans, the first and foremost important thing to remember when you deal with content is ‘Quality’. No matter what steps you take quality and originality should be there. (more…)

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Free Keywords Research Tools

Search Engine Optimization of any website is incomplete without  existence of keywords and its proper usage, there has to be a web development strategy already planned for it. Before you start writing any web content or article for optimization purpose you have to know about selection of the right keywords and its density. Many people usually end up over-stuffing or overusing the keywords which leads to spamming and negative SEO creation. Online sections like sodapdf blogs that get updated regularly with fresh content, are argued upon people whether to give first preference to SEO or the readers. In my opinion both the parties i.e. SEO and readers are important and should be given equal preference when you write an article, this would make it more compelling and appealing. (more…)