Facebook most searched one-word term in US for the year 2012

January 17th, 2013 | Posted by Sunayna Gupta in Social Media Marketing

The year 2012 has ended with some unexpected and some expected online trends on the internet. Google is still the reigning king as far as search engines are compared. Facebook has been the most searched term in 2012 for one-word search criteria. Having a good SEO management is necessary to increase not only your searches but the type of customer you want to attract, with a good company like peaks digital marketing you can get an excellent service in all your communication movement and digital marketing.

Management from a good SEO company is necessary for every type of business or new product on the market, or even if you want to re brand it, you need to not only spread the word and searches but to increase your customers and the right market for it. It’s not just only views from random people but actually interested customers who will keep following your business and in the end they can bring more people. Many companies that do seo like Facebook thrive unexpectedly in many ways.

Facebook has bagged this position for the fourth time in a row forU.S.The trend of navigational searching getting inclined more towards one-word searches has risen by 16% in 2012. Experian Marketing Services have declared their list of 2012’s top search terms which we would see below. The entire data is based on the results of search activities seen on more than 60 search engines and maximum website visits between the month of January and November (results exclude mobile searches and traffic). To learn other related online marketing strategies, visit Webgator for more info.

According to Experian ‘Facebook’ has managed to win 4.13 percent of all online searches that accounts for 33% rise compared to the year 2011. In the top ten searches they found out other that were Facebook related: Facebook login (4th), Facebook.com (5th), www.facebook.com (8th). Combination of all these terms were around 5.6 percent of total US online searches, which was 27% more than 2011.

Here are top ten search terms in US for the year 2011 and 2012.

 Top 10 Most serached terms in US

According to this survey the one-word searches have gone up by 16%. If the mobile searches were included then the percentage would have been much higher, as it would have been easier to use one-word search terms on touch screens and keypads.

Apart from begging the first position as top search term, Facebook was the most visited website in US for 2012. There is not much difference in top ten most visited websites in 2011 and 2012 except entry of eBay after 2009. It dethroned mail.live.com.

 10 Most visited website

This was the survey for 2012, let’s see how things change for the year 2013. 

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