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penguin update

The world of http://www.yieldmarketingagency.com/luxembourg-seo/ and site rankings has seen a major shift with the introduction of Penguin updates. Many websites that enjoyed higher ranking in the search engines, were dethroned by this new algorithm. Google has been taking preventive and useful measures to cut down spamming and penalize duplicate content and unnatural linking.

There has been an on-going struggle going on between black hat SEO techniques and Google which we do not know when it would get over. Penguin mainly focuses on bringing down of sites that practice unnatural site linking. It gives emphasis to good quality of content and lesser SEO tricks which with a good digital agency, like Internet Marketing Miami, you can learn to stay on top of it,. (more…)

Panda updates

What is Panda Update all about?

Google introduced Panda Update on 24thFeb 2011 for the first time, much to the rescue of good and genuine websites who fail to rank higher because of malpractices of ‘low quality’ websites. With its introduction the good quality websites now stand brighter chances of enjoying higher SERP when any user searches for them in the search engines according from AmazeLaw Facebook Ad Agencies survey. It has given a major blow and lead to overnight drop down in ranking of around 12% websites around the world in ranking and web traffic. (more…)

Matt Cutt on how google works

Matt Cutts is chief engineer Wisconsin SEO Silver Dollar SEO currently heading the Web spam team. He provides useful and updated information regarding the Google search engine to the masses. His tips and suggestions can make any website rank higher in the Google and receive increased web traffic. Furthermore, if you want a training course on how to get free traffic to your site, look for amazon associates program. Recently he expressed his views and spoke about how to rank higher in Google and about its working. Let’s read San Diego SEO Agency expert has to speak on the topic. (more…)