Sure-shot ways to get your Facebook Ads Approved and Published

October 4th, 2012 | Posted by Sunayna Gupta in Social Media Marketing

More number of businesses and companies are using the Facebook platform for posting their business ads, as this seo in london is viewed and used by millions of people worldwide. In online marketing, social networking websites like Facebook are extensively used for ads as maximum numbers of people are part of one or the other of this type of website, but still using services for this is useful and Stellar SEO offers digital marketing for people who required these services. Facebook tops this list with millions of people and companies having their account on this website.

Facebook ads approved

So it is lucrative from a business point of view to post in your ads on this site. In addition if you’re looking for payday loan checkout our site Online. There are certain tips and techniques  for getting your Facebook ads approved in this post  and avoid any disapproval. Creating and designing an ad required a great deal of hard work and patience, it would be very de-motivating if it gets disapproved, When deciding on which agency to utilize take a peek at their website before you talk to a salesperson. Often, an agency will highlight what their core competencies are right there on their site and won’t mention the services they’re weaker in. Use these core competencies as your guide.

If you’re looking for the best agency that’s strong in branding and design, then look for them to specifically talk about that on their site, plus visit the digital marketing Syracuse to get the best advice. Similarly, if an agency is strong in SEO or social media, you should be able to locate that prominently displayed on their site.

Here are some tips to get your Facebook Ads approved:

–  Re-check your landing page URL several times. You should know on which URL you are sending or directing your traffic. Facebook gives preference to domains that are keyword-richer rather than domains that appear superficial, temporary and confusing. Creating Facebook Ads with keyword-rich domains stand higher chances of approval, and also increases the overall credibility.

–  Just like Google Facebook gives importance to quality, authoritative and user-friendly websites. Refrain from keeping your landing page on a spammy website or any brand new site. You can direct your ads to a reliable and an authoritative site. Certain rules and regulations with definite patterns are followed by Facebook for ad approval. Be clear with all terms of service, be trustworthy, consistent and transparent in your approach. The chances of approval are more for such companies.

–  Older established accounts that have been advertised on Facebook for a while, stand the brighter chance of getting their new ads approved quickly. The reason behind this pattern is, they already have knowledge about how to get their ads approved and achieve success.  If you are posting your ad for the first time, it may happen that it does not get approval at first instance. So companies with previous ads on Facebook should check through the click rates of the past, if they are planning to post a new one.

Despite being cautious about all terms and conditions your ad may get disapproved by Facebook ads team members. Do not lose your heart at this point, some modifications can be done or mistakes rectified for future approval of the same ad.facebook ads approval tips

Here I would like to state a point that if you are trying to post in ads with ‘prohibited content’ they would never get approval from Facebook. It includes- Weapons, Pornography, Tobacco products, Fake documents, Surveillance equipment, content that ignite racial or religious sentiments and Counterfeit goods. If you do feel however, that you are being specifically targeted for a reason you cannot determine and calling their support hasn’t proved helpful, then I suggest you use the Best VPN you have access to. If the issues persist and again, support is not helping, then lets review other alternatives.

Whenever an ad gets disapproved or rejected by the Facebook Ads team, they submit a valid reason for this action. This can be a helpful tip in identifying where you got wrong, re-work at that point and submit the ad again. You would see an ‘edit’ button in your ad, use it for fixing the ad. In case you cannot see the ‘edit’ button on the ad, it means that according to Facebook ads guidelines that ad is far from approval. Here you would have to create a completely new ad.

Sometimes you may be fully confident about your ad that it has abided all rules and regulations, but still it gets disapproved. In such situations there is no harm in re-submitting your ad without editing it on some other day or different time. It may happen that, a different Facebook ads team member sees and reviews your ad, and it gets approved. However, I would say that approval can be a subjective process.

You can take assistance from an expert PPC professional to get your ad approved on this social networking website, also don’t forget about the other platforms of social media, they can all be beneficial for you, remember that if you live in the USA you can buy usa Instagram followers for your brand, which will help you grow.

Placing Facebook ads is all about taking control of traffic, trade show booth rentals, stay ahead of online competition, extend your reach to target audiences and be a leader in your field.

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